+VIDEO production 

My creative marketing background started in photography and videography, staging hero images and product shots and producing to publishing video on a self-taught foundation. Over the course of my career I've developed a keen eye in visual marketing and taken hundreds of promotional photos, hero images, and produced a variety of social media assets.


While my videography background is not as dense as photography, my experience lies in the form of script writing, producing, and editing. This has enabled me to be a part of some amazing pieces over the course of my career. I believe my skillset could help your business improve overall brand and marketing effectiveness with strong visuals and brand storytelling.

Product Still

brand equity

With an interest in the arts and an eye for design, I've been successful with presenting creative ideas for logo and branding design to various clients in diverse industries, as well as producing visually appealing collateral based on leading industry standards. Clients can expect high quality creative assets, business materials, including logo design, digital and print advertisements,  mission and vision statements, website building and more. 




From draft to publication, I've overseen thousands of design and writing pieces in my career as a marketer, some original, some in collaboration with local partners and clients. Depending on business needs and objectives, I've written and published research-driven articles, editorials, blogs, event descriptions, video scipts, brand repositioning, and executed hundreds of email campaigns, SEO and CRM-driven marketing.

Proficient skills in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace


Website MAnagement

As a marketer, understanding user experience online is one of the most important factors in building and improving your website. Working with industry professionals, digital, web and UX designers, I've come to understand how to create a fluid web experience;  producing valuable content, keeping time on page and helping users navigate your website with ease, while answering all potential questions along the way.


Building pages, troubleshooting and SEO have become just a few of my many skills to help companies build a presence and a reputation online. 


product launch

+ event planning

Starting with small ideas, turning out huge crowds. I've worked on various types of events from small group yoga retreats and nightlife entertainment events with over one thousand attendees, to producing product launch plans, editorials and media assets for both small and large scale markets.   


My expertise lies within brainstorming themes, outlining details, coordination and execution, acting as a brand liaison to partners and team members, to post-event/launch reporting and analysis. 

Contact me directly to learn more specifics about my skill set.


DBM Group

Marketing / Content Manager


As a team of one supporting both national and franchise sales representatives, I run lead on research and continuous content development to increase engagement for the organization on both online and offline channels. This responsibility includes internal project management, storyboarding, copywriting, video production and creative direction for sales presentations, DBMG branded materials, and multi-touch marketing and social media campaigns. Being a communication expert, I also developed a new employee engagement program, organizing and sending out monthly newsletters, organizing company events and activities to drive and sustain a strong company culture.

Brand Development • Content Creation • Video Production • Website Management • Copywriting • Social Media • Employee Engagement 


Marketing Manager

SRV-8 front view copy_bright.png

As marketing representative for RJE Oceanbotics™ it was my responsibility to provide support, planning and promotion for the industry-leading SRV-8 ROV, a superior subsea vehicle in the maritime, defense and underwater industry. My responsibilities included establishing the brand story, setting up advertising plans for both digital and print, press release and content creation, content collaboration with international media companies, product photography, videography, social media and website management. 

Brand Development • Content Creation • Photography • Videography & Video Editing • Website Management • Email • Copywriting • Social Media 


Freelance Marketing

My creative capacity has always been bigger than my work load. I have an immense passion for brand storytelling and building visual assets to represent that story to help start-ups and businesses find their voice in the world of marketing. A few of my clients include: an aerospace engineering firm, moving company, numerous realtors, a food truck, landscaping and outdoor environment designer, and an e-commerce consultant. 


Graphic Design • Logo Development • Branding • Copywriting • Content Development • Business cards • Advertisement tools • Web development • Social Media • Photography 


Digital Marketing Coordinator

Moving up the ranks from a Communications role to Digital Marketing Coordinator, I've been exposed to a plethora of PR and creative marketing initiatives. My main responsibilities were content creation, editing, copywriting, website and media design as well as event planning and execution, and managing all social media channels. As the sole creative of my team, I managed all graphic design, photography and content for multiple departments, as well as external advertising.

Creative Marketing Lead • Graphic Design • Photography • Website Design • Email • Content Development • Copywriting • Social Media • Digital/Print Marketing Management • Event Planning


Marketing Specialist


Starting as an intern, I assisted with competitor analysis, content research, scheduling, development and social media management for multiple product lines. As I shifted into a full-time position, my true interest and skillset was in the creative realm. My responsibilities shifted to product and hero image design photography, video content creation, blogs, and social media - working in conjunction with a photographer and graphics team.

Marketing Research • Set Design & Staging • Photography Coordinator • Casting Call Director • Videography • Content Development • Social Media • Email Marketing


Brand Rep & Market Manager


Working through a third party agency, I worked as a brand representative for Oakley sunglasses in 53 stores across KS, MO and NE. I worked closely with store management and staff to maintain store inventory levels and ensure proper merchandise display, as well as educating staff for optimal retail intelligence.

Visual Merchandising • Product Technology Expert • Marketing Communication